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Motorcycle Tour Event in Morocco

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Twintour Morocco

A ten days motorcycle event held in Morocco that happens once a year. The event is known as

Twintour Morocco which is a grand tour on Harley Davidson of Morocco. The tour consists of a

minimum of 20 bikes and a maximum of 30 bikes with a complete luxurious package. This has

always been a jam-packed event, and you have the chance to tour Harley Davidson Morocco;

the world of bikers!

What’s included in the luxurious package?

You have a whole year to register yourself for this event. The closing date for registration is 30th

December 2019. Their package consists of a lot of good things including handling of custom

affairs by the organization’s team. In addition to that, travel insurance will be provided to all

the bikers and 10 nights stay in 5-star hotels. Media will be covering the entire event, and tour

film will be provided to all the bikers. The most fun part, gasoline is also included in your package.

Event’s route

Most of the bikers would be interested in knowing the schedule for this event. Let me give you an

overview of it. Tangier – Chefchaouen – Meknes – Merzouga – Ouarzazate – Marrakesh – Essaouira – Mohamedia – Tangier The total distance for this ten days event would be 2281 km that I guess is pretty enough for you all bikers.

180, BD El Fida, Casablanca 20550 Morocco.

Whatsapp: +34 652 064 766

Tel: +212 7005 16066.

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